Md.Mehedi Hasan Rifat

May 6, 2021

5 min read


Data Structures and Algorithms

Programming Languages

Source Control


Software development method

  1. Agile development methodology. …
  2. DevOps deployment methodology. …
  3. Waterfall development method. …
  4. Rapid application development.

Coding standards

  • Easy team integration
  • Increased code quality efficiency and easy for maintaining
  • Reduce code complexity
  • Reduce development cost
  • Reduced engineers motivation
  • Increased development time
  • Complex codebase structure
  • Naming Conventions: The naming convention is how your packages, classes methods, variables, etc. should be named. ( eg. camelCase, PascalCase or snake_case)
  • File and folder Naming and Organization: This is how your file and folder should be named and structured
  • Formatting and Indentation: the code should be written in a standardized format and indentation
  • Commenting and Documenting: This makes it easy for the reviewer of your code to better understand codes methods and declarations
  • Classes and Functions: This specifies how classes and functions should behave.
  • Testing: This specifies which approach and tools should be used to test the codes

Team Work

Teamwork encourages Creativity

It Improves Skills

It Drives Ownership

Processes are Improved

Teamwork helps reach goals more Efficiently

Celebrations Boost Morale